The Williams Pace Calculator™ is the most valuable tool a coach and serious runner can have.

The Williams Pace Calculator is the tool legendary coach and Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman, used for planning the training of world class runners in the Olympic Games and at the University of Oregon, winning 4 NCAA championships and 24 NCAA individual titles. Developed by Bob Williams, a Bowerman protege and All-American Steeplechaser at the University of Oregon, the Williams Pace Calculator provides a fast, accurate split times calculator for gauging the intensity of a training session. Bill said “it’s the most valuable tool a coach and a serious runner can have.”

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The Williams Pace Calculator is a time saving tool when planning your team or individual workouts. All you do is simply select any distance and move the time slide to that distance and all split times are accurate from 100m to 10,000m.

Take a look at the Track side set at 1500m below. It is set at 5:30. Now, look at the 100m = 22 sec; 200m = 44 sec; 300m = 66 sec; 400m = 88 sec (top row) – All times are correct for determining your workouts from 100m through 10,000m.
Williams Pace Calculator

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Get the Original William’s Pace Calculator™ made of durable plastic-coated stock and measuring 3 1/2″ by 10″ in size. Its sturdy construction will last season after season of training in all kinds of weather. Click here for full description.

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The Williams Pace Calculator © App is the latest digital version of the road and track running pace calculator that Bill Bowerman, the legendary coach and NIKE co-founder, used for training world-class runners at the University of Oregon and for the Olympic Games. His renowned ‘Men of Oregon’ athletes broke performance barriers, winning a total of 4 NCAA Team Championships and 24 NCAA individual titles. Click here for full description.

Williams Pace Calculator
Williams Pace Calculator


Hey Bob! I’m an assistant coach for girls cross country. My boss uses your pace calculator all the time. Before I knew about your PC, I was in amazement how coach could put 40 athletes in groups of 5-7 according to specific times… then I found out about your PC!!! Now I am in the loop and it feels wonderful! Thanks to you, Bob, our athletes will be running more efficiently, which means faster times, which means PR’s, which means EVERYONE will be super excited and THAT makes my day! ROCKSTAR! Thanks again, Bob!
— Tracy Angelo Assistant Coach Girls Cross Country Forest Lake High School Forest Lake, MN